Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Life as a single nurse

You must be wondering what I mean by "single nurse".

Probably not.

Yes I am talking about working as a nurse while being single.

Yes, I do get hit on...a lot.

And not even the good kind of "hit on". Yes, there is a good kind. The kind when nice little old men say you are pretty or have a pretty smile. Those do happen, but they do not make up for the awkward situations.

As weird as it may seem, nurses do not act like this. Well, at least none of the licensed registered nurses I KNOW act like this at work.

Some lines I have heard from patients:

"You have a dynamite body" - not even joking, a make patient really said this to me.

"When do you get off work? There is a good movie on TV tonight, you should come watch it with me"

Dear creepy patients
         please do not say awkward things to your nurses. we appreciate it.


Adri and Russ Lee said...

I guess you just know how to work those scrubs, Jamison.

Kelsy said...

Ha ha. I once got "you have a smokin' body" in a student review. I don't know how I'd handle it if I had to deal with patients.