Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Life as a single nurse

You must be wondering what I mean by "single nurse".

Probably not.

Yes I am talking about working as a nurse while being single.

Yes, I do get hit on...a lot.

And not even the good kind of "hit on". Yes, there is a good kind. The kind when nice little old men say you are pretty or have a pretty smile. Those do happen, but they do not make up for the awkward situations.

As weird as it may seem, nurses do not act like this. Well, at least none of the licensed registered nurses I KNOW act like this at work.

Some lines I have heard from patients:

"You have a dynamite body" - not even joking, a make patient really said this to me.

"When do you get off work? There is a good movie on TV tonight, you should come watch it with me"

Dear creepy patients
         please do not say awkward things to your nurses. we appreciate it.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life as a nurse

Recently I have had some neat/funny/sweet moments at the hospital

Moment 1:
I had a patient wearing a BMW shirt. I asked him if he drove a beemer. He did. We talked about our love of BMWs. I had to give up my patient in the afternoon so I only took care of him for about 5 hours. Later on in the day his wife came up to me and asked if I wanted to take a ride in his car (M roadster). I was super swamped so I asked if we could do it the next day. The next day she  kept finding me at the nurses station asking if we were on for a ride. At the end of the day we went out to the car and she asked, "Do you want to drive?" WHAT!!!! Who lets a girl you just met drive your $20,000 car?
I didn't end up driving because it is a stick shift and this little girl doesn't know how to drive a stick shift. We did take a nice trip down Bangerter with the top down going a little bit faster than we probably should've.
It was so glorious. It made me miss by Bad Boy Blue
Not only did she offer me to drive the car, but she also said, "I wish I had some sons to set you up with."
Moment 2
As a nurse you end up assisting your patients to the bathroom, a lot. Guess how many of them wash their hands after they finish in the bathroom? Of the hundreds of people I have assisted back and forth to the bathroom I have only seen 2 wash their hands in the sink after they flush the toilet. I will give credit to one patient who used wet wipes on her hands after voiding. So maybe three people have washed their hands. ONLY 3! Do they think they are immune to any germs by going in a bathroom toilet? Whatever they are thinking, it is gross and makes me want to wash my hands before, after, and during touching anything in your room.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Welcome back
Let's have a little update, shall we?

I saw my first Cirque de Soleil show for my 25th birthday.

 It was a "LOVE"ly time
In February my family took a trip to Hawaii.
Some of my favorite pictures as follows.

Whale Watching

Nicole found a turtle. She was quite excited.

It was a jolly ol time

Next, I finished my bachelors of nursing degree.

Our 24 page senior project...completed!

Celebrating the last day of class

We know how to celebrate
Graduated Magna Cum Laude

To celebrate graduation I am going on my dream vacation in October.

I've decided to run in the Ragnar Wasatch Back relay in June.
It will be interesting seeing how I just started training and I am not what you call a "long distance runner"
 2.5 miles: The farthest I have ever run.

To end.
Here is a little selfie and my new favorite songs.
Anyone recognize the city?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Yellow Pants...cont

Where was I?

So I turned some old work pants into skinny jeans by taking in the pant leg. Next I emptied a big plastic bin and filled it full of hot water and bleach.
This was after the first day. The pants started off as a really dark wash so it took a little bit longer.
For two days I let my pants sit in the bleach mix until they turned white (actually a soft yellow).

Bleached jeans
I used the ColoRit Color Formula to pick the perfect shade of yellow to color my jeans. I chose color #59 so I picked up some pink and yellow Rit at Wal-Mart.
I combined the whole bottle of yellow and half the bottle of pink to some hot water and dumped my wet white jeans into the bucket. For about 5 songs (15 mins) I stirred the jeans around in the orangeish mixture. The instuctions from the internet said to stir for 30 mins but the color of the water was starting to freak me out. I did not want orange jeans (I guess they would have made for a funky Halloween outfit). So after about 15 mins I pulled the jeans out of the water and rinsed them with hot water until they water ran off clear. Than I rinsed the jeans in cold water. Very quickly and gracefully I ran the pants up to the washing machine and washed them in cold water.
Before the wash
After a good wash and drying I had some new yellow pants.

Yes, they are a little baggy. That is a negative turnout of the project. I used jeans that had a lot of lycra in them. Well, I guess the bleach soak totally took out the stretch from the pants. They don't fit like they use to.
I will call them boyfriend jeans.
The color is also a lot brighter yellow than I wanted. I guess I should have soaked them for 5 more songs to get that pretty mustard yellow color.
Here's what I would do differently if I did the project again:
Zip up the zipper:
When I set the pants in the bleach I had the zipper all the way down on the pants. Well the zipper and the bleach made a nice little hole in the pants.
Who would'a thought?
Start with white jeans:
The bleaching process was such a hassle. I had to mix up a new batch of the bleach mixture three times. It got to be a little messy. I got bleach spots on my favorite pajama shirt. Starting with white jeans would have made the project really easy. The awful smell wasn't great either. 
Don't use lycra jeans:
Unless you want colored boyfriend jeans.
This turned out to be a really fun project. It was fun to see the progress.
Speaking of progress
I love them

Friday, August 31, 2012

The Yellow Pants

It's my second night on call with week. LUCKY ME! (but, not so lucky paycheck)

I completed another Pinterest pin!

I hemmed up a pair of old work jeans (ones that I wouldn't care if the project didn't turn out)

I will have to finish this later, I just got called into work.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Well, tonight is my first night on call. Of course I am wide awake since I slept as much as I could today to prepare for work tonight. Ah, the joys of night shift.

So, there is this little sight called Pinterest. Have you heard about it? Well, I am super obsessed. I have probably pinned a million projects. Thanks to my late nights I have started to complete some "pins". Here are the things I have been working on.

Polka Dot Shorts

Patterned pants have been all the rage, recently. When I was at Kohl's the other day I saw these adorable shorts:
I looked at those and thought, "Hey, I can make those". So I went right over to Michaels and bought some paint and a paint brush. I started this project a couple weeks ago, but I just finished tonight and I am so happy with the turnout.

Skirt Extender

I saw this on Pinterest and thought, how smart. Some young womens leaders saw this site and thought it would be a great activity to do with their girls. It's truely brilliant. The skirts in the stores are getting shorter and shorter. This skirt extender allows me to wear my shorter skirts and dresses modestly.
I took an old slip and sewed some cheap muslin I found at Wal-Mart on the the bottom. My slip is a white version of this.

Colored Pants

Everyone has seen the bright colored jeans in the stores recently, right? Well have you ever thought of making them yourself? A friend in my nursing classes actually told me about this today. You bleach an old pair of jeans and then dye them the color of your choice.
This is my new project. Tomorrow I am heading to the dollar store to pick up a cheap bin to soak my jeans in and some dye to color my old jeans.
What color should I do?

any suggestions?


Friday, August 24, 2012


That last post got a little emotional and embarrassing.

Now for a fun story.

Once upon a time, this little broadway musical came to Salt Lake City. This girl, wanted to go so bad but the tickets were too much for her. After all, she is her mothers daughter. She was determined to not give up, though. She was going to see this musical.

She heard about a drawing that was done at the theatre everyday before the show was performed. 20 tickets were given out to lucky participants of this drawing. The best part of this drawing was the tickets were only $25 if you won. $25!!!!! This girl, and her wallet, liked the sound of that. So, for three days she stood in the blazing sun with her fingers and toes crossed hoping her name would be drawn.

After the first day, she walked away a little sad not having won the drawing, but was determined not to give up. The second day, again, no dice. Although she did see a similarity to the names that were drawn from the cauldron. These lucky winners had folded there little papers. This girl walked away undefeated and with a plan for the next day: she was going to fold her paper.

The next day came. She arrived at the theatre with cash in hand and ready to win. She got her paper, filled out her information, and folded that little piece of paper like a beautiful fan. She kissed the paper for luck (not really) and dropped it into the cauldron.

Minutes later the drawing began. She stood amoungst a crowd of hopeful theatre goers with her hopes high (but still kinda low so she wouldn't be crushed). Five names were called, none of them hers. There were only 5 names left to be drawn. She was starting to feel a little let down. The next paper was drawn, the man gently pressed down the fan folds of the paper to read the name written. He took a deep breath to exclaim the name of the next winner of tickets. "JAMIE WARD!"

This girl recognized the name. It was hers. She politely pushed her way through the cheering crowd and walked up to the ticket both and asked, "two tickets please". She was so excited! She had won! She called her friend, Jena, and told her to drive up to SLC asap because they were going to see WICKED tonight.
the winning tickets

They drove to the theatre on cloud nine. As they entered the theatre they were directed to their seats by the usher. They entered the main level and continued to follow the usher to the front of the theatre until they reached their row of asigned seats on the 5th row. 5TH ROW! Oh boy, did these girls jump up to cloud ten.

The show was just as wonderful and spectacular as the girls had hoped and wished.

It was the most magically WICKED evening this girl had ever had.